Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here's the lilac I cut from the bush at my old house. I chose a branch that half broke off during the ice storm. The silver pitcher belonged to my great-great-aunt, who was only a year old when the Yankees stole her silver baby cup right out of her hand while she was drinking her milk, but her older sister my great-grandmother was five and old enough to remember.


  1. Damned Yankees! (Is that the right expression?) Of course, my ancestors fought on the Yankee side (I think... yet another confusing thing for a Canuck who didn't pay enough attention in school!)

  2. What a history that pitcher must have... lilacs smell gorgeous.

    - Sagan

  3. Well, Bag Lady, since Kentucky had two elected state governors and legislatures in two state capitols during the Civil War, it gets even more confusing here. We didn't split neatly apart like Virginia and West Virginia.
    Sagan, the pitcher was one of her wedding presents, around 1882 or 3.
    Lilac is one of the few fragrances I can have around without getting a headache or nausea or something; violet is another. Purple flowers?

  4. Awww! Lilacs have such a beautiful perfume! I just wish that they lasted longer. i have light mauve ones, but am thinking about getting a white and a dark mauve. Lovely photo!

  5. (Bag Lady, the expression is "Damn Yankees!")

    I can so smell the lilac right this minute...

  6. Hey watchit you Reb! LOL

    I love seeing what is blooming at your place we are a few weeks behind so I know what to expect! LOL