Saturday, April 4, 2009

No turkey photo

I was too slow to go get the camera, so I'll have to just talk about this turkey. He came up about ten feet from the kitchen steps, and studied me intently. First with the head on one side, then the other. Then he paced back and forth inspecting me through the glass, pausing every now and then to eat a bite. He was by himself, although earlier I'd seen a group of three down at the end of the clearing just inside the woods. 
I went into the next room to get the camera and when I came back, he was gone. I guess he thought I'd lost interest. 


  1. That happens to me a lot - things disappearing when I go to get the camera, I mean, not turkey inspections!

  2. He did it again today. He was out there, spreading his tail to show off for his hens, and much farther from the house. When he saw me pick up the binoculars he was off to the woods. I don't think it's turkey season.