Friday, April 24, 2009


Today was warm enough for me to wear shorts for the first time--and even sandals when I wasn't walking in high grass.

I almost stepped on this pretty fellow. Good that I had the camera out already.


  1. I envy your shorts. We're just sliding into winter.

  2. I won't get to count on wearing them for another month or so. I'm not the hardy sort, like the man I saw in March, when it was 50F, wearing shorts and sandals. Brrr.

  3. I am celebrating your spring with you. Spring here is creeping slowly.

  4. Shorts!! Sheesh - it won't be warm enough for shorts here for many months to come (I only wear them when the temps get above 30C!) :)

  5. That's about the temperature at which I can start sleeping under only one blanket. Last night, for instance, after wearing shorts all day, I slept in a flannel nightgown under two blankets and only one of the two comforts on my bed. Without a hot water bottle. In a room that had warmed up to 70F even with the windows closed against the pollen.
    Not about the chilliness, here.