Thursday, April 2, 2009

green to be seen

The trees haven't put out any green (except what they kept over the winter) but the grass is bright green now, and the undergrowth in the woods is beginning to have leaves now. This is encouraging. 


  1. That's very encouraging! It snowed again today here in Winnipeg. Boo.

    - Sagan

  2. Wah... that looks so nice! *sob* We still have tons of snow, and it's snowing again tonight.

  3. It's supposed to snow here on Monday--the day I plan to set out broccoli plants. Good timing. But of course broccoli is tough.

    BL, I wish I could send some of that grass to your pregnant cows. Looking out the window at it, it looks so fresh and tasty it's hard to remember that humans can't digest it. (My spinach hasn't germinated yet. My lettuce hasn't either. The grocery hasn't had any spinach for two weeks. Greens deprivation!)