Thursday, April 9, 2009

I promised redbud and I deliver

After the mud dried up some I stood on the very edgiest edge of the bluff and got close enough to the opened redbud to get some pictures. Then I came indoors and took some of favorites I picked at my old house. More plants to move. More digging. 


  1. So very pretty!
    We have pussy willows now.
    And mud.
    The snow is almost completely melted off the flowerbeds, and I can see greenery. Most of it is weeds, but it's green! :)

  2. Redbud! On my parents farm in Scott Co. they have a whole hillside of redbud trees! It's so great. I wish I were there right now...

  3. Lovely! Mud does mean springtime, so that's good.

    - Sagan

  4. I think this may be the only redbud I have, unlikely as that seems on forty acres of mostly woods. I need to find time to explore more.
    Melissa, my father went to Georgetown, so I've been familiar with Scott County since childhood. One of his closest friends lived there, and the last time we went to see him I would have gotten lost if he hadn't met us near the exit from 64. Yikes! Changes.

  5. Beautiful photos!

    C'mon, spring! We're getting a few flowers, but still, brrrr.

  6. Gorgeous flowers, Solarity! I've never heard of them. You're so lucky to have forty acres with all different wild floral arrangements!